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  • Vestibular dysfunction

  • Balance deficits

  • Gait abnormalities

  • Orthopaedic: surgical and non-surgical

  • Spine: fusion, laminectomy, discectomy, stenosis, herniated discs, whiplash, sciatica

  • Shoulder: total joint replacement, rotator cuff repair, labral repair, adhesive capsulitis, proximal humerus fracture, impingement, tendinitis, bursitis

  • Hip: total joint replacement, labral repair, bursitis, arthritis

  • Knee: total joint replacement, ACL reconstruction, menisectomy, ITB syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome, patellar tendinitis, chondromalacia, arthritis

  • Foot/Ankle: shin splints, posterior tibialis tendinitis, plantarfascitis, Achilles tendinitis/rupture

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